Privacy Policy


14.1 Collection of information

The Customer authorises Pipeliner Clothing to collect, retain and use personal information about the Customer for the purposes of:

14.1.1 Assessing the Customer's credit-worthiness;

14.1.2 Undertaking any dealings or transactions with the Customer;

14.1.3 Enforcement of any legal or other rights Pipeliner Clothing may have against the Customer in any manner that Pipeliner Clothing sees fit;

14.1.4 Making such disclosures as may in Pipeliner Clothing’s opinion be required for any of the above purposes or generally to do business;

14.1.5 Sending the Customer any advertising or promotional material; and

14.1.6 Determining prize winners of promotions (if appliciable).

14.2 Pipeliner Clothing right to refuse application

If all of the requested Customer personal information is not supplied, or is not satisfactory to Pipeliner Clothing then his/her application for registration to Pipeliner Clothing may not be accepted.

14.3 Information retained by Pipeliner Clothing

The Customer agrees that any personal information supplied by the Customer will be retained by Pipeliner Clothing and will be accessible to Pipeliner Clothing employees and other persons or body corporate engaged by Pipeliner Clothing for or in relation to any of the purposes listed in clause 14.1 above. The Customers personal information will be held at  2at a cloud-hosting provider as Pipeliner Clothing’s agent. Pipeliner Clothing shall retain all personal information supplied by the Customer until such time the Customer is deregistered.

14.4 Disclosure

The Customer authorises Pipeliner Clothing to disclose all or any part of any personal information provided by the Customer to a third party for any of the purposes listed in clause 14.1 above.

14.5 Customer rights

Under the Australian Privacy Act 2014, the Customer has rights of access to his or her personal information held by Pipeliner Clothing and may request correction to that information. The Customer may do so by emailing . The customer agrees to pay Pipeliner Clothing the reasonable charges requested by Pipeliner Clothing in relation to time and attendances involved in complying with the Customer's request in this regard.

14.6 Consent to receipt of electronic messages

The Customer consents to his or her inclusion in Pipeliner Clothing’s direct marketing database and accepts that they may, as a result, receive electronic communications and promotional communications from Pipeliner Clothing. The Customer has the right to ask Pipeliner Clothing at any time to stop sending online communications and promotional offers to them.