About - Pipeliner Clothing Company

Pipeliner Clothing Company was established in 2015 (MMXV). I myself, am a  2nd generation pipeliner who still works out on the lines in Australia today. Growing up hearing all the tales and stories my father told me about the life of a pipeliner, it was only fair that I would head out to the line and test if these stories were true. I was not disappointed! Yes the working conditions had changed and rules had tightened up, but the camaraderie and brotherhood still remains strong. Pipeliners are a staunch band of brothers and I wanted a range of clothing that would recognise us as a unique group of people.  All sorts of people make up the pipelining family and I look to recognise all these groups with this clothing range. Something that not only a pipeliner, but that our families would be proud to wear.

JJ Botica

Pipeliner Clothing Company – Created on the line, by a Pipeliner for Pipeliners.